Article Roundup - Week of Sept 17th 2017

Article Roundup

Partitioning Behavior of DynamoDB
This is part 3 of a 3 part series about DynamoDB. This article dives into how Dynamo handles creating partitions and why understanding partitions and RCUs/WCUs is important for the best performance.

W3C: Encrypted Media Extensions
W3C has published the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) specification, making way for DRM in HTML. EME is not itself a DRM mechanism, but rather an API specification for how the browser will communicate with a system that facilitates DRM or similar technologies. This technology has pushed heavily by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix as it was the last barrier to streaming HTML5 video content that requires DRM. There is already good desktop browser support for a previous EME draft, so full support and in-the-wild applications should be coming soon.

How JavaScript works: memory management + how to handle 4 common memory leaks
Even if you don’t care about JavaScript this is a great refresher on how garbage collection works in general. The article also goes into some memory leaks with JavaScript. Just because there is a garbage collector and your computer has plenty of memory doesn’t mean you get to ignore memory management.