Weekly Article Roundup - 7/30/2017

August 04, 2017 • Article Roundup

This was a bit of a light week in regards to articles I found, but here is what I have.

The United States of Developers
HackerRank, a company that helps employers test and rank potential hires, used their data to rank the States based on the skill of their developers. It’s an interesting piece, though I have concerns about their dataset. I doubt they have a uniform enough adaptational across all the States of the US to have an appropriately representative sample of developers.

React, Facebook, and the Revocable Patent License. Why It’s a Paper Tiger
A few weeks ago there was a big hubbub around a patent clause in React’s license. That was cited as the reason certain companies that really want to use React wouldn’t / couldn’t. This article by a lawyer makes the case that the patent clause in React’s license is not a big deal at all.

A Practical Introduction to Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch is a very powerful technology, but it is also complicated and can be very expensive to implement well. If you are going to use Elasticsearch, it’s probably best to understand it fairly well. This article is a good place to start.

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