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Article Roundup - Week of 08/06/17

Building A Simple AI Chatbot With Web Speech API And Node.js
New services are popping up all the time, especially around AI. This article shows a fun way to combine an AI service with with experimental SpeechRecognition API in the browser.

“As a user” needs to stop.
This is an opinion piece on the use of “As a user” in User Stories, regardless of your preferences in how User Stories are written, I think it is worth a read.

Should you invent a new UX?
Ugly things can have a good UX, and beautiful things can have a horrendous UX. TL;DR: If you are going to come up with something new have a good reason for it and do it well.

Figuring out how to contribute to open source
Contributing to an open source project can be really intimidating. The author gives some advice on how to get started.