Article Roundup - Week of 7/9/2017

Article Roundup

MySQL Infrastructure Testing Automation at GitHub
GitHub’s MySQL databases are critical to the functioning of their site and service. Every git request touches a MySQL database. In this article they talk about how they handle backups, failovers, and schema migrations.

Building a Privacy-Preserving Architecture With Less Server Trust
Privacy can really throw a monkey-wrench into an application’s architecture. This article talks about some of the architecture decisions made in the process of creating a privacy-focused email client.

API Security Checklist
This is a fairly simple checklist of things to remember when designing and creating an API

ES8 was Released and here are its Main New Features
JavaScript ES8 is out, while it doesn’t have as many significant features as ES6 it does have some very important features like async functions, shared memory, and atomics.

A deep dive into AWS S3 access controls – taking full control over your assets
Data breaches due to misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been in the news a lot lately. It’s worth your time to read through this article and get a good understanding of how to secure an S3 bucket.