Article Roundup - Week of 7/3/2017

Article Roundup

What I’ve Learned Over 5 Years as a Software Developer
This is a nice article going over some lessons the author has learned thus far in their career as a developer.

WebAssembly Cut Figma’s Load Time By 3x - A WebAssembly Case Study
Figma is a design collaboration tool that has the potential to see huge benefits from WebAssembly. Figma was already using a WebAssembly predecessor, so it is an excellent product for a case study.

UX Tools
This site has some good tables comparing different design related tools.

Google’s Flutter = React + Java Swing
Google has come out with a new framework for mobile apps. It doesn’t build completely native apps like React Native, but it also doesn’t just put a wrapper on HTML/JS like Cordova/PhoneGap. It’s still bleeding-edge, but might be worth a look.

Tech Interview Handbook
This is a project that aims to provide a resource for interview questions that a lot of the existing resources don’t cover. It may also help you think of questions or design an interview if that is what you need to do.

Build a Chat App with React, Auth0 and Pusher
This is a tutorial that walks you through creating a basic realtime chat application using Auth0 for authentication and Pusher for realtime messages and presence information.

A Programmer’s Cognitive Load
Cognitive Load is “the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory”. Programming can require a high cognitive load. This article provides a few tips on helping efficiently managing your cognitive load.