Article Roundup - Week of 6/05/2017

Article Roundup

Hacker, Hack Thyself
You hear a lot about security breaches in the news, and as a developer you should hope that your product is never mentioned in one. This post talks about the security of Discourse, and what was done and what defaults are set to try and keep things as secure as possible. One especially interesting part of this article centers around hashing algorithms along with a few benchmarks.

Floating labels are problematic
Sometimes getting fancy can backfire on you. The floating label pattern you see in some apps can be kind of cool when done well. You may not even notice it, but if you come across a poor implementation you’ll know it.

This is a little different from other links on here. Binded is a new service to help people with copyrighting their images. They fingerprint the image and save that to a blockchain. They intend to keep their service free forever. They have plans to add a feature to assist with registering your image with the U.S. Copyright Office, thus enabling you to receive statutory damages in a lawsuit in the US. They also help you monitor usage of your image on the internet.

awless.io, a mighty CLI for AWS
AWS’s CLI tool is very powerful, but it isn’t the most friendly to use on a day to day basis. Awless is looking to change things. They provide a much simpler tool that gives better human readable output.

4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries
Pattern Libraries and Style Guides are very closely related, in many ways they are the same thing when it comes to a website or app. The author outlines some lessons they learned after making a Pattern Library.

Best Practices for Long Scrolling
This is an article on Adobe’s Creative Cloud blog, and it is worth paying attention to. Long scrolling is becoming more and more common and doing it right will help you user’s not notice it. Do it wrong, and they will definitely notice.