Article Roundup - Week of 5/29/2017

June 02, 2017 • Article Roundup

GitHub’s CSP journey
If you’re interested in web application security this is a good read. The article come out a while back but it chronicles GitHub’s implementation of Content Security Policy.

Detecting text in an image on the web in real-time
If you have ever tried to do OCR you know it can be very painful. There is an early draft of a specification for a JavaScript Shape Detection API allowing face, barcode, and text detection in images. Including from your phone’s camera! This is still an early draft and likely to change, but still very cool.

The state of JavaScript modules
JavaScript modules have landed in browsers and Node is beginning to implement the module format, but don’t rush out and adopt it just yet. There is still a lot of work to be done. This article gives a rundown on what is happening with modules and what things you need to keep in mind.

Designer’s workflow on Windows
Sketch has been gaining a lot of popularity, but it is only available for macs. This article includes an alternative; I also appreciate it for the alternatives to Window’s command prompt.

11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec
Do you use flexbox? If you do CSS and don’t you should. If you use flexbox read this. It has some very important information that you may not know and was skimmed over in most posts about flexbox.

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